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I will be available to give 30 minute aviation presentations on a variety of aviation topics and experiences:

My aviation life

I loved my apprenticeship with NAC

My radio show

Aviation Past and Present
My favourite scripts

Collecting aviation memorabilia

“If it came to NZ it is probably still around”

Civil Aviation – The future

Private flying

  • Light Sport Aircraft – possibly battery powered!
  • Self-built aircraft – Kitsets
  • Gliding and powered gliders
  • Factory built aircraft

Commercial flying

  • The recovery from the pandemic will be slow
    • IATA chief economist Brian Pearce says: “We think we are going to have to wait until 2022 for the industry to return to profitability
  • Air freight continues to grow
    • Air cargo has been a “diamond in the rough” for AirAsia during the Covid-19 pandemic and is likely to retain a high importance to the business in the longer term, according to group executive Tony Fernandes

Example Presentation Plan

The propeller from Scotland’s Caudron
  • Introduction – the passion
  • Why are we going on about aviation history?
  • Where do we start
  • My aviation history
  • The website
  • Why collect aviation related memorabilia
  • Can you help with aviation tales?
  • Coast Access Radio – ‘Aviation Past and Present’
  • Roundup and Questions

Around 30min

If you would like John Skene to provide a presentation to your club, organisation or school – please Contact John