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John Skene

Aviation History Advocate

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The Role of the Aviation Historian

Throughout our history in New Zealand Aotearoa, aviation has produced some of the most remarkable men and women who ever lived, including those brave early pilots (and engineers) who made some of the first forays into the air and who courageously pushed the limitations of flight in ways previously unimaginable.

At the same time, aviation has produced a number of people whose bravery rises above the ‘job description’ of a pilot, even if that is their day job.

These people have touched all of us in aviation and in many cases, those far beyond the flying world by their brave deeds, talents, or achievements.

The “job” of the Aviation History Advocate is to ensure as far as currently possible, the achievements, memories and paraphernalia of these people are promoted, recorded and publicised for the benefit of us all.

Aviation History

Aviation Service Histories

both civil and military

Researched and recorded.

School Presentations

Sharing our aviation history

Including the contributions from Maori to civil and military service and development.

Aviation Script Writing

for radio and TV shows

Get the language, terminology and timing right

Aviation Artefacts

bought and sold.

Souvenirs, paraphernalia, memorabilia, photos

NZ Aviation Heroes

Percy Fisher

The Fisher Monoplane, the first plane built in NZ to achieve controlled sustained flight

Arthur Schaef

Mr. A. W. Schaef’s 35 h.p. Anzani monoplane

Will Scotland

Flew locally (and crashed) just south of Otaki.

John Skene

John Skene

Aviation History Advocate

Hi everyone and I hope you all are all enjoying visiting my website and all that I have to offer.

I have enjoyed a lifetime in commercial aviation and have a great passion for aviation history and all that it entails.

Please enjoy the contents of my website and I would love to hear from you all.


John Skene shares his passion and knowledge of aviation, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Aviation, Past and Present-11-06-2021( 0:24:31)
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Aviation current and historical presented by John Skene.
Published: 6/11/2021 4:01:27 PM
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Percy Fisher

The Fisher Monoplane, the first plane built in NZ to achieve controlled sustained flight